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In 1941, at the age of twenty, painting a model
  In 1951 Eufemiano moved to Argentina, in search of professional as well as personal answers to the questions which were growing inside him; he settled in Buenos Aires with his young family, where he progressively achieved ever more notable successes and began to develop his unique pictorial language of maturity. His evolution combined a recognizable continuity and increasingly decided incursions into other painting dimensions: his portraits – which are never mere routine productions - analyze with subtlety both adults and children, transcending by far the pure description; in a natural parallel, his still life paintings (bodegones) were acquiring more conceptual abstraction and reinforcing his very particular concept of the genre, which would eventually transform it into something new. At a technical level, his well thought-out, by no means conformist commitment to figurative painting consolidated itself; his maximum self-demand and at the same time main progress concentrated not only on his indefatigable technical investigation into the possibilities of pictorial realism but above all on the refinement of composition, by seeking essentiality, balance, precision. No doubt composition was the driving, harmonizing force behind all other dimensions of his work. His maturing pictorial thinking demanded communication, and not only with his audience, and so, not unnaturally, a group of promising Argentine painters began to develop under his teaching guidance.

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