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Eufemiano,on the left, when they were still only three brothers
  Eufemiano, painter, draughtsman, engraver, art teacher (Eufemiano Sánchez Gómez, Marchena 1921 – Madrid 1995), received artistic training since an early age in Seville, the provincial capital, first at the Arts and Crafts School and subsequently at the Santa Isabel de Hungría School of Fine Arts. The artistic circles in Seville praised him as an indisputably valuable artist since his very first exhibitions (Athenaeum, "The Louises" Brotherhood, Velázquez Room) in the early 1940s, in which the artist displayed an unquestionable mastery of oil painting and drawing, frequently turning to themes of a regional nature. Between 1945 and 1947, after completing his military service, Eufemiano resided in Morocco, at the time a Spanish protectorate, whose landscape and culture, intensely reflected in his painting, captivated him. Following his return to Seville, the artist's local recognition consolidated itself. The young painter tackled significant compositions, prominent figures, scenes depicting local customs and manners and, applying the resources of the great Baroque painting of Seville, he took the first steps in his search for a personal language (in this regard, see his unique Portrait of a Crate and a Tin, in which he employed "classical" technical resources to tackle a conceptually avant-garde composition), thus demonstrating the independence and self-confidence which would characterize his whole career.

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