Time has proven Eufemiano to be right,

"today lasts forever"

Luis González Robles


Raúl Chávarri, 1973

Such realisms are defined by factors of a social nature; they are, in a certain sense, painters characterised by their social concerns, those that initiated certain realist trends during the civil war, preferring creation to the still prevailing academicism and attempting to consolidate a political aesthetic in keeping with the changing face of Spain. In the 40's Eufemiano Sánchez takes a totally different perspective and experiments with the exacerbation of realism based on a return to the treatment of the object that had been inherent to traditional Spanish painting, reflecting a concern for fabrics and wooden materials that had already been present in the works of Sánchez Cotán and Zurbarán. Eufemiano's works clearly reflect the well-defined nature of his social attitude, in an era of innovative renovation this first Spanish ultra-realist plays with the innovation of traditional foundations......

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Antonio Manuel Campoy, exibition catalogue of the Obra Cultural de la Caja de Ahorros de San Fernando, Seville, 1996

Every painted work of art is, at first –and perhaps also foremost-, paint; immediately thereafter, perhaps at the same time, it is a symbol, that is, a language which relates what is depicted and to what it aspires to be. A painting is, in effect, what Maurice Denis sought: "before a horse or a woman, a surface covered with colours", but a painting without its battle horse and without its naked woman would be self-negation. The negations of painting are, among others, the techniques of "dripping" or "tachisme", simple streams or spots of colour that are, in reality, often not void of a certain decorative appeal......

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Luís González Robles, Seville, 1996

In art terminology the concepts of Realism and Reality are not only considered to encompass the whole of all natural entities, but also of all spiritual beings and anything else that may in some way be considered to enjoy a certain type or level of existence......

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Alfonso Bullón de Mendoza Marqués de Selva Alegre, C academic of the Royal Academy of History,,exibition catalogue of the Obra Cultural de la Caja de Ahorros de San Fernando,, Seville, 1996

We consider it to be a happy initiative that the first exhibition of works by the artist Eufemiano, further to his recent death, be celebrated in this Hall in his native city of Seville.

Eufemiano, who had a strong personality, brought together two qualities, that of artist and that of master, having worked in both Spain and Argentina.

I would like to make special mention of his contribution to two well-known circles in Madrid: the Circle of Fine Arts and the Gran Peña. In this latter circle he was the founder and director of a painting workshop which, through the quality of the works that it exhibited, evidenced the high level of work produced. In this manner he contributed, with his knowledge and elegance, to the promotion of the intense cultural life of the Gran Peña....

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Antonio de la Banda y Vargas, professor of Art at the University of Seville and President of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Santa Isabel in Hungary,exhibition catalogue of the Obra Cultural de la Caja de Ahorros de San Fernando, Seville, 1996

Almost three months after his death, the Caja de San Fernando of Seville and Jerez, continuing its model patronage of contemporary artistic creation, presented in the Imagen hall in Seville a somewhat anthological collection of the painter Eufemiano (1921-1995).

As an artist whose work lies somewhere between figuration and informalism, Eufemiano offers us therein, just as he did throughout his extensive professional career, a select production of varied subject matter that attests to the prestige he enjoyed in life and would continue to enjoy after his death in the pages of the pictorial history of our time......

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