Management of the legacy    

The management of the legacy is carried out by the artist's children, advised at all times by professionals of the different sectors involved in each stage of the process.

Our project includes

1.Artistic and cultural promotion of the works of the painter Eufemiano through the presentation and dissemination of his work and ideas.

The first step was the realisation of the Exhibition in Tribute in Seville, the native city of the artist in March 1996, followed by a second phase in Jerez de la Frontera in April of the same year. These exhibitions enjoyed the patronage of Obra Cultural de la Caja de Ahorros de San Fernando.

The second step was the exhibition on engraving presented at the Spanish Contemporary Museum of Engraving in March 1998, which demonstrated the whole process followed in the production of these works.

In 2002 the Area for Culture and Education of the Provincial Delegation of the Government in Malaga, together with the Foundation for the Spanish Contemporary Museum of Engraving, organised a collective exhibition entitled "Self-Portrait Portraits", in which the etching work that forms part of the Museum's permanent collection is exhibited.

2.Documentary and photographic inventory of the artist's work, currently estimated in more than 1100 oil paintings, 900 drawings and 90 etchings.

To date we have inventoried almost 700 oil paintings.

The oil works may be classified into three main series:

  • Studio work: still life, figures
  • Portraits (over 100)
  • Landscapes (generally small scale), above all sea landscapes (over 200)

  • 3. Cataloguing, with a view to ensuring the identification of the work and its authenticity.
    In the official catalogue each work has its own individual data sheet.

    The body of the catalogued works shall be included in a reasoned catalogue, conceived as an open-ended publication, to be completed on a progressive basis as more works are catalogued.

    4. The classification of the records left by the artist, of noteworthy importance, which is underway so as to allow access to the same by those wishing to study them.

    5. The realization of a critical review of the artist's written works, the first stage of which shall be set forth in the main work: "Report on painting"

    6. The realization of an anthological exhibition planned with the assistance of cultural organizations and with the counsel of renowned specialists. The aim of this project is to exhibit a significant collection of works (currently estimated at between 100 and 120 studio works), thus providing a global view of the artist's work.

    The graphic works exhibited shall receive the support of other cultural activities (didactic presentations, exhibition of documents, models, photographs and work tools, publication of a catalogue, conferences...).

    7. The establishment of a scholarship, in conjunction with the Fundación Solventia, for investigation work on the figure and works of the artist, coordinated and directed by D. Matías Díaz Padrón.

    8. The coordination of the loaning of significant works for outstanding collective exhibits in which the artist is given prominence.

    9. Authentication of works prior to the study of the same, as well as their subsequent inclusion in the official catalogue.

    10. Assistance, as regards the restoration, cleaning and conservation of Eufemiano's works, where required, entrusted to competent professionals.

    11. Request for collaboration by all persons that knew the artist or his work to provide us with any information that they may have or recall. All information is of interest, inasmuch as it helps us to complete the different stages of our project.

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